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I think there might be a bug...

Get's to the end after pressing the Red Button and asks for the Secret Codes. Tried typing into "Life" and it restarts back to the loading page/very beginning.

sorry if it's actually part of the game and I got it wrong.

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EventHorizon responds:

That is not the end of the game, but you have find the secret room!, congratulations, the word "life" is a clue to find the secret code, about the bug now rechecking, thanks for your comment!
EDIT: I double checked, there is no bug, I think you've pressed "E" and then you're back in the main menu.


wonderful as usual but found a bug. after you unlock the security controls u can't go back down again. but other than that, entertaining bit of thoughtfulness as usual.^^


Interesting map designs but...

you should prolly know that there's a possible cheat mode in coding. prolly should fix that.

interesting concept

controls are too sensitive and certainly inconvenient. execution on a whole could have been better

This is the same as...

Ferry Halim's Orisinal game, Winter bells...


it was aight in the beginning but after maxing out on everything in less than 30 minutes and no end in sight, it got boring...

This is fucking smart!

k the music is distracting and can get on one's nerves, but inspite of that, this is a very smart idea. I will use this when the next semester comes.^^

Gimme a break....

I'm losing braincells playing this thing.

Yes! Finally, the long awaited sequal

been playing this for a while but never really got around to reviewing it. this is Much better than the first but it was enjoyable too. Better graphics, better ideas, that hand-pecking demon bird was funny and everything else. DAmn stuck on the lighter part, i can't get past the bars so still working on it. Hence, difficulty level has shot up. Music is pretty cool, definitely well defined by Johnny, and the violence? eh... we've seen it before.
Overall though, this series is fucking funny and well worth a good/high score.
Any chance there's gonna be a third?

what an abysmal game.

This is a sad ripoff of Tactical Assassin which is on a much higher level.

Life fucking sucks but it's the only we chance we have to make it not suck...as much.

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